The Top 5 Cities in the U.S. with the Most At-Fault Accidents

November 2021
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A car accident is every driver's nightmare. Unfortunately, these stressful, dangerous events are all too common. Learn which cities in the U.S. have the highest rate of at-fault accidents, and how to choose an auto insurance policy to protect yourself and your finances.

Which U.S. Cities Have the Most At-Fault Accidents

Across the United States, 9.98% of drivers report having a previous at-fault accident on their driving record. Some cities throughout the nation, however, have higher rates of automobile accidents than others.

In 2021, five cities stood out as having the most drivers with at-fault accidents on their records. They were:

  • Simi Valley, California, with 16.84% of drivers having had an at-fault accident.
  • Fall River, Massachusetts, with 16.24% of drivers.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska, at 16.22% of drivers.
  • Auburn, Alabama, at 16.04% of drivers.
  • Charleston, South Carolina, with 15.76% of drivers.

Automobile accidents are an unfortunately common part of life as a driver and one that it's important to prepare for and safeguard against. Read on to discover how to choose an insurance policy that can keep you protected, particularly in areas with a high percentage of accidents.

Choosing Car Insurance in an Accident-Prone Area

Your car insurance can help give you peace of mind in areas with a greater risk of accidents.

When shopping for car insurance to fit your needs, evaluate your new policy carefully to ensure it fits you, your car, and where you live:

  • Consider how much coverage you need and can afford. All states have minimum coverage requirements, however, these limits may be low in comparison to the actual cost incurred in an accident. Evaluate what coverage you would need should the worst happen.
  • Choose an insurance agency you're comfortable with. Look for an insurer that's dedicated to good customer service and has an efficient claims process.
  • Save by bundling and seeking out discounts. You can often save money on your car insurance premiums by bundling with other policies, like homeowners or renters. Your agent can also help you find any other discounts you're eligible for, such as discounts for having certain safety equipment.

Do you live in an area with a high percentage of auto accidents? Auto accidents are a stressful, dangerous part of life -- make sure you have the car insurance you need to protect yourself from an accident.

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